Starter USB Microphone for Podcasts and Voice Overs

If you’re starting out making podcasts or recording voice overs for e-learning and videos, I recommend you buy a USB studio condenser microphone.

USB mics ensure good quality sound that you’ll be proud of.  They’re easy to use, too.  Most models are ‘plug and play’.

Basically, when your mic accepts them, the mic becomes the computer’s sound card.

In some editing programs, you’ll still need to select it but it’s much easier than the old days of struggling with sound cards.

USB Mics are Cheap

USB mics are also cheap.  Expect to pay around $65 for a good quality entry-level model.

The downside of USB mics is that they are not as responsive as traditional mics.  But that’s not a big deal – just lean in a little closer to the mic and no one will know.

The Snowball microphone is a great starter microphone.