Don’t Waste Your Money on Video

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Thousands of dollars are wasted every week on learning video that doesn’t lead to real learning.

Video is not cheap to produce. In fact, video of midrange quality produced in-house by a learning professional costs about $165 for every minute of final video.

When you add hidden costs like other people’s time—the folks in legal who check your script, other trainers who brainstorm ideas with you, subject matter experts who provide input—every minute of learning video turns into a significant investment.

Whenever a new technology or way of doing things is adopted, we need to pass through a stage of experimentation.  This is characterized by experimentation and delight that the new technology works.

It’s now time to professionalize the way we make video and move on to showing it’s value to the organization.  And saving money as we do this.

Find out more about what we need in this post I wrote for ATD’s website.

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