Write Better E-Learning Text

Writing e-learning text or screen text is simply a matter of following good writing principles.

This is what we were taught at school, right?

However, studies show that when people look at screen text they ignore 75% of the words you have crafted.

That’s not fun for anyone who takes pride in crafting her/his sentences.  In fact, it may cause you to think, “What’s the point of writing?”

Traditional Grammar

The reason the writing rules we learned at school don’t work is that they are based on traditional grammar.

There’s nothing wrong with grammar.  In fact, grammar is an important set of rules that makes writing and reading easier.

Traditional written grammar is based on printed text.  So when you you write for print it works wonders.

However, our text appears on a screen.  The physical experience of reading from a screen is much different to reading on paper.  So, we need to write differently.

In this episode of Media Pulse, we’ll run through some easy writing techniques that will increase the chance your learners read your e-learning and screen text.

Job Aid

Don’t forget to download the job aid with 5 tips for better e-learning and screen text.

Write better e-learning text

Write better e-learning text

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