How to Focus Video Cameras

It’s frustrating for learners to watch training videos that are blurry.  They increase cognitive load and distract viewers from the topic.  What’s more they simply look unprofessional.

A lot of training videos make learning harder because they’re out of focus.  But they don’t need to.

Focusing a video camera is quick and easy.  It’s something you can easily get into the habit of with a little practice.

Why Not Just Leave it to Auto Focus?

Some folks may wonder why we don’t just set the camera to auto focus?

We’ll talk more about that in two weeks time when we talk about reasons not to trust the auto functions in your camera.

But suffice to say, focusing the camera yourself gives you greater control over how your video will look.

How to Focus a Video Camera

In this video, we’ll show you how professional camera operators focus a video camera.

This technique works for cameras equipped with a parfocal lens.  Most standard video cameras, including consumer models, are equipped with a parfocal lens.  (Although, many DSLR cameras are not.)

Job Aid

Download and print the job aid to remember the steps of focusing your camera.


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