Avoid Camera Auto Functions

Don’t leave production decisions to your camera.  Take control of your video!

Most cameras offer auto functions.  And it’s tempting to use them.  After all, doesn’t it make sense to let the camera do a little extra work?

The problem with auto functions is that they basically take the control away from you.  That’s why most professionals don’t use them.

The common auto-settings people use include auto focus, auto white balance, auto exposure and auto audio controls.

What’s Wrong with Auto Settings?

The problem with using auto functions is that your camera is now in control of things like what to focus on.  Or how much light to let into the iris to achieve the right lighting.

But your camera does not know what you want.  It has to guess.  If you want a darker lighting situation to emphasize a certain mood or achieve a special effect, the camera will have no idea and may set it much brighter than you like.

There’s another thing that makes using auto settings a bad idea, and I’ll explain in the video.  But for now, let’s just say it’s worth learning how to use the manual settings on the camera.

Learning to go through the manual functions can take practice to get used to.  But soon you’ll set your camera’s functions without thinking.  And you’ll be in full control of how your video turns out.

Job Aid

Download the job aid to remind yourself why using manual function leads to better video content than when using auto-functions.

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