Media Content for Learning is Different

Plenty of sites offer tips on how to make media content. But not many are dedicated to learning or talent professionals.

And not many sites are produced by learning professionals who have earned their living, teaching media production at some of the world’s major media organizations.

Today’s learning professionals are increasingly being called on to make audio, video, graphics and screen text content for learning. They use this content in the classroom, in webinars and elearning.

Media content for learning is not sales content. It’s not marketing. And it’s not entertainment. Not to say that it can’t contain elements of things like drama or comedy.But it exists for a different reason.

Content for learning exists to help people learn a or perfect a skill, gain knowledge or change an attitude. As such, it must ensure memory retention so that learners can apply it to the job.

Science and Art of Good Content

Just as there is a science to planning and facilitating a class, there’s a science and art to making media content that is:

  • quick and easy to understand
  • easy to remember
  • easy to apply in the real world

New technology means that just about anyone can create audio, video, graphics and written media content that is buzzed around the global classroom in a nano-second.

But making it is easier said than done. And making engaging content that causes learning is even harder.

In tomorrow’s learning environment, shaky cam talking head videos won’t cut it. Nor will boring podcasts.Or tediously written screen text.

That’s the motivation for this site. I’ve built this site to help my professional peers who engage in the noble task of helping other people learn. I want to help you make awesome media content that leads to real learning. Why me? Scroll down.

Skills & Techniques to Create Awesome Media Learning Content

Rapid Media for Learning includes free Video Nuggets you can subscribe to. They cover topics such as how to make great content, do it fast and do so without breaking the bank.

It features recommendations tips on buying equipment with an emphasis on easy to sue gear and affordable kit that won’t break your budget.

And it offers premium content such as webinars, workshops and boot camps.My aim is to be as practical as possible but also ground everything in a robust philosophy centered on learning and media.

As such, this site sits at the intersection of learning theory, media psychology and production technology. It’s also situated within the context of adult learning and helping others improve.

Why this Site?

After more than 25 years teaching media around the globe I have found learning professionals want to learn three things about making media content.

  1. How to make content that draws the learner in and engages them in real learning. This is the quality piece – how to engage and also make it look professional.
  2. How to make content efficiently so they can turn it around fast. Media production for learning professionals is only one of many other things they do in their roles.
  3. How to make content cheaply, with affordable equipment that won’t break the bank, without compromising quality.

Jonathan Halls Media and Learning SpecialistWhy Me?

I’ve taught media in more than 25 countries for more than 25 years. I formerly worked as a talk show host, journalist and media executive.

I have both a bachelors and masters in adult education and have worked for some of the world’s leading media brands including the BBC.

This is already a long page so I don’t want to take up more space here.  But if you’d like to learn more about my career, CLICK HERE where I share more details about my work.