The media production gear I recommend on this site has to fulfill two easy criteria. They are:

  • Provide the minimum necessary functionality to make great content.
  • Be one of the most affordable models available that doesn’t compromise the minimum functionality to make great content.

Recording SME Interviews – Digital Audio Recorder

Audio Recorder If you want to record interviews with subject matter experts or capture sound effects and atmosphere, you’ll need ...
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You need to listen to your recording work with a quality set of headphones. But it doesn’t have to cost ...
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Professional Microphones for Podcasts and Voice Overs

If you're just starting out, a USB microphone offers the best functionality. However, you might want to adopt a more ...
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Mid-Range USB Microphone for Podcasts and Voice Overs

If you'd like a microphone that's more traditionally styled for studio work, you can’t go wrong with a Rode microphone. Rode ...
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Starter USB Microphone for Podcasts and Voice Overs

If you’re starting out making podcasts or recording voice overs for e-learning and videos, I recommend you buy a USB ...
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If you click on the above links, you’ll be taken to Amazon. If you purchase one of these recommendations from Amazon, this website will get a small commission to help site maintenance costs. If you do not wish this site to receive a commission, but would like to take my equipment recommendation, simply type the product name into Google and you’ll be presented with many options to purchase the product elsewhere.