Free Course: Tips for Better Video

Quick Question:

What do you want to do most when it comes to making training videos? Make more engaging content? Or make it faster?

Video Tutorial

This five module video tutorial provides a basic overview of how to make video fast and ensure it looks professional. It features a bonus module on key shooting techniques.  It’s ideal if you’re new to video and need to understand the process.

The course is adapted from a popular keynote on learning video that I have delivered to conferences and meetings around the country.

Production Comments and Price

We have priced this video tutorial very low. We had not originally planned to release this. It was intended as a “pilot”.

The production is fine but not sizzling. But the tips I share will make you sizzle when it comes to making better video and doing it fast.

The Learning

Each module starts with a quick quiz. Then you get to watch the video. The video is followed by another quick quiz. There’s no formal test at the end.

You can download a Certificate of Completion when finished. Each module features a handy Job Aid to help you remember key points. Download after you have taken each quiz.


Module 1 – What makes good video. Strengths and weaknesses for learning and storytelling. (Approx. 15 mins)

Module 2 – How the platform the learner views your video will affect the overall experience. (Approx. 10 mins)

Module 3 – Steps for planning your video before you head out to shoot video. These steps will save you oodles of time. (Approx. 15 mins)

Bonus Module – How to frame your shots to look professional. (Approx. 12 mins)

Module 4 – Shooting techniques to save editing time and ensure better looking content. (Approx. 15 mins)

Module 5 – This video tutorial is not about video editing. But we touch on preparing for the edit . (Approx. 6 mins)

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