Discover the power of digital media.  Explore how it can help your learners grow and apply their learning.

Learn to create awesome content.  Do it fast. And make it without breaking the bank.

Rapid Video for Trainers – 3 Day Workshop

Based on the book, Rapid Video Development for Trainers.

Learn to plan content so it sticks.  Then learn production planning and how to shoot awesome quality video on entry-level cameras.  Learn basic editing.  Explores basic video psychology and tricks to speed up production.

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Rapid Audio for Trainers – 3 Day Workshop

Based on forthcoming 2018 book, Planning Podcast Content.

Learn editorial principles, identify the best content format, write audio scripts, conduct interviews and improve vocal performance on the microphone. Learn to record and edit audio as well as produce a multi-track packages .

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Based on the book, Rapid Media Development for Trainers.

Explore the dynamics of new digital media ecosystem and how it supports innovative learning. Discover what makes good media and learn production workflows for audio, video and text.  Participants produce a short video and podcast.

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Rapid Writing for e-Learning – (Screen Text) – 2 Day Workshop

Based on Rapid Media Development for Trainers.

For learning professionals who are solid writers but want to learn the art of writing for screens such as mobile and desktop computers.  Explores how people read screen text, what makes effective text on screens for lerning and techniques to ensure your content is read and remembered.

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Rapid Video Boot Camp – 1 Day

Intensive boot camp.  Teaches you to make basic sequence videos using cell phones and affordable editing software. Learn learn basic video psychology and how it relates to learning. Every participant makes video in this boot camp, following the rapid media technique.

This boot camp has been very popular with ATD chapters around the U.S. Please note that we start early at 8am and finish at 5pm.

Rapid Audio Boot Camp – 1 Day

Intensive boot camp.  Teaches you to record and edit basic audio with a microphone on your laptop computer.  You’ll learn the basics of digital audio, how to record it and tips for making their podcasts sound professional.

Each participant will plan and create a podcast that features an interview, music and commentary.

Facilitating Transformative Learning

This is a four-day intensive class for mid-career learning professionals who would like to deepen their skills in facilitating transformative learning.

Drawing on the latest research into how the brain works, this four-day program challenges many of the assumptions that contemporary learning theory are based and directs participants to critically reflect on what works in learning, as evidenced by research.

This workshop is both deeply theoretical and highly practical. Participants discuss key theories about how to ensure learning is effective, drawing on cognitive psychology and neuroscience. They then put this into action with a series of practice session designed to enhance their performance and confidence as facilitators.

I’m a big fan of self-designed curriculum and while this follows a set curriculum, I have built in considerable opportunities for individual participants to focus the content on their particular learning situation.

What to Expect with Workshops and Boot Camps

Right now, these workshops are only available for onsite delivery to corporate clients.  When delivered onsite we like to work on content participants can take back to the office and use.

We don’t currently have public workshops.  However, we will launch some in 2017.  The first is scheduled for June in New York City, in partnership with Mimeo, the trainer’s choice of online overnight printing of workbooks and manuals.


Workshops vs Boot Camps

If a learning event is two or more days and we have a group of less than 10 people, I call it a workshop. That’s because learning is hard work and we do that work together.

I give lots of focused feedback and change the pace so it works for participants. I also keep it informal and as much as I can, fun.

If we have more than 15 people, and it’s just one or two days, I call it a boot camp. My boot camps are fun but I work people hard.

With more than 15 people I cannot give personal feedback to everyone because it’s just not physically possible in the time we have.

So I incorporate a lot of peer feedback to ensure learning and critical reflection. Everyone goes through the process together in my boot camps and my experience is that everyone still learns a lot.

What to Expect

My approach to learning is embedded in the philosophy that learning takes place on board the learner. Carl Rogers once said, “I can’t teach you anything but I can help you learn.”

As such, I facilitate the class with discussions, demonstrations and practical activities that enable participants to build their knowledge.

I’m a big fan of neuroscience and cognitive learning principles and apply them to ensure the workshops is worth participants’ time and money.

I don’t buy into learning styles and other learning fads so don’t expect that sort of thing. As such, I don’t “deliver learning” rather I help people discover it. If that sounds a bit hoky poky to you, believe me that’s how I get good results.

I keep things quite informal and let participants have a say in matters like when we take a break and whether or not people are allowed to use cell phones in the class room.

Believe it or not, most participants leave my workshops tired because we do a lot of work together. Past participants have described my workshops as transformative, illuminating and dynamic.