If you’d like coaching in the area of digital media, I can help.

My focus is on how you create content that will help your clients and organization achieve their learning goals.  I do not coach people on specific software or technologies.

For example, you might use Adobe Premier to edit your video.  I will coach you on how to make your video look sharper and more professional.  Not how to use the software.

Coaching Model

I follow a hybrid coaching model that draws mostly on cognitive psychology, neuroscience and a smattering of humanist psychology and a touch of behaviorism.

While I’m not much of a sports person, I approach coaching much like a sports coach would approach her or his team.  My job is to challenge you.  Extend you.  And ultimately make you not need me.

Because I travel a lot, I prefer coaching over the telephone, rather than in person.

Integrated Approach

I’ve had a lot of success combining coaching with face-to-face and virtual classroom events.

Over a period of three months, my clients would be part of my workshops and webinars and have personal follow-up calls.

This doesn’t mean I don’t do stand-alone coaching.  I just think you get a better bang for your buck by integrating coaching and other formalized learning opportunities.


My goal with coaching clients is to get you to make engaging learning media that causes learning.  My focus is on content that’s clear, polished, professional and enjoyable.

Call me

If you’d like to talk coaching for yourself or your organization, send me an email.