It’s a New World

Today’s training departments are slowly turning into a media production hubs.  Or a newsrooms. Trainers don’t just facilitate in the classroom. They produce videos, podcasts and write screen text.

These activities represent very new skillsets for the learning professional.  Most learning executives come to their role from the HR or talent development side.  Very few were media executives.

So implementing a production process or managing media resources can be daunting.  It’s not something that comes naturally, like it would to a former TV or radio station manager.

For example, when is a video taking too long to make?  And are staff really making the best decisions for a production?  How can you best support your team?

Consulting Focus

Most training departments want to create awesome content.  They want to do it fast without compromising quality.  And in most cases, they hope to do it on a shoestring.

My consulting expertise focuses on these three areas:

  • Better Content: I can challenge your learning professionals – err media professionals – to make even more awesome content. This will be through editorial processes from professional media.
  • Production Efficiency: I can help you develop workflows and operating procedures to speed up production, cut out time wasters and boost productivity without compromising quality.
  • Budget: I can help you develop a resources plan for equipment and staff that makes use of every precious dollar.

Helping Clients

I saved one of my clients $50,000 by reviewing a list of equipment he’d advised to buy for his new ‘podcast and video operation’.  Most of the gear on that list were upsells from clever sales people.

Another client had four people producing a weekly 5 minute video.  Every person on that team should be churning out 5 to 10 minutes of video a week on their own.  We fixed things up with a better workflow.

Another client switched out her approach to conceptualizing videos and working with SMEs.  She was then able to roll out awesome videos that had a positive impact on workplace morale.

Of course consulting is not just coming up with new plans.  It’s also change management – one of the topics I teach to leaders around the world.  So working with me is not just about the project.  It’s about balancing people and project.

Consulting Approach

Our first step is to clarify a specific organizational goal.  Is it to speed up production?  Make better content?  Save money?  Or all three.  Then we’ll work out a plan on the steps to take to achieve the goals.

I can save you a lot of time and money because I’m not learning this field.  I’ve been doing this for more than two decades.  I know the time wasters and money pits.

What may someone new to this field a week to learn would take me half a day.

My consulting fees are based on a values-based fee structure.  You don’t pay me for time.  You pay me for results that we agree on.

If you need some consulting, reach out to me and we can discuss your needs and the options.