This Workshop is for:

  • Trainers,
  • Teachers,
  • Keynote speakers and
  • Coaches
  • Instructional Designers

It’s for learning professionals who need to make engaging training podcasts for their clients and organizations.  For folks who do not want to outsource this work to a high-end production company.  It is for people who want to take control of the whole audio production process themselves.

Seminar in Brief

  • Create powerful podcasts that draw in listeners and keep them engaged
  • Exploit the power of spoken word, music and sound effects to convey your message
  • Improve your vocal presence so you sound authoritative, warm and real
  • Record and edit audio so your podcasts sound professional

Seminar Description

Participants learn how to plan, write, record and edit audio for podcasting applications such as e-learning, marketing and corporate communication.  Starting with the psychology of audio and how our brains process sound, you’ll learn how to plan a podcast that engages your audience, write a script so your content is quick and easy to understand then record and edit your podcast.

This is an introductory one-day workshop, however it will give you everything you need to go and start recording powerful podcasts.  It will also give you a grounding in audio production which is useful in video production.

Learning Methodology

Participants will learn through a series of practical hands-on exercises and discussion with your trainer.  Group size is generally limited to 12 people which gives our trainer enough time to give each participant expert feedback on their work along with tips on how to improve their production and do so efficiently.  Each participant will make a real podcast and leave with skills they can immediately use in their work.

Learning Objectives

  • Plan the editorial and production elements of a training podcast.
  • Write podcast scripts for commentary and voice overs following radio writing principles.
  • Record audio content using Audacity audio editing software.
  • Edit spoken word audio using Audacity.
  • Edit music and special effects using Audacity.
  • Use multi-track functions of Audacity to create seamless packages that integrate spoken word, music and sound effects.
  • Incorporate vocal and microphone techniques to improve vocal presence when recording on the microphone.
  • Describe the three storytelling tools of audio and their uses for conveying a message.
  • Describe the characteristics of audio as a medium.
  • Discuss editorial techniques that enhance learning and recall over the audio modality.

Administrative Details

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Optimum Number of Participants: 12
  • Pre-class Work: online pre-class survey
  • Participants need to have basic computer literacy and understand file management
  • Booking:  Available for corporate, government and educational clients to deliver onsite – please contact us for details.  Currently no public offerings.