This Seminar is For

  • Trainers,
  • Teachers,
  • Keynote speakers and
  • Coaches
  • Instructional Designers

It’s designed for learning professionals who need to make engaging training videos for their clients and organizations.  For folks who do not want to outsource to a high-end production company.  And for people who want to take control of the whole video production process themselves.

Seminar in Brief

  • Create video content for the Web that looks professional and does not bore your viewer
  • Plan your video so it hooks the viewer and keeps them engaged throughout
  • Learn broadcast techniques to make video shot consumer-level camcorders look professional
  • Learn professional techniques to make your video faster without compromising quality

Seminar Description

This three-day workshop will equip you with the skills to create compelling web video.  It is designed for trainers, teachers, speakers and coaches who need the skills to make engaging web video, do it fast and do it affordably.

You will learn skills that save you needing to hire a video production company for all but the most complex training videos.  The workshop is based on Jonathan Halls’ popular book, Rapid Video Development for Trainers.

This workshop is  intensive and practical.  Each participant will work through the production process during the class learning key skills and getting expert feedback.  At the end of the two-days each person will have created a short video.

Participants will learn the foundations of how to create video that looks professional, following the Rapid Media Technique, which is based on techniques employed in professional broadcast and publishing.

Participants will also learn key learning strategies to make training videos quicker and easier to understand, as well as remember.  This is combined with some core video psychology to ensure the training videos, whether long form or micro content videos, help people learn, and look professional as video.

In addition, participants will be introduced to shortcuts that save time without compromising quality.  And they’ll learn what to look for when buying video production equipment, in particular how to avoid spending more money on cameras with features that are not needed.

Learning Methodology

Studies show that people learn by doing.  All our workshops include deliberate practice as a way to ensure participants don’t just understand key concepts, but remember them and are equipped to use new skills immediately on the job.  Workshops are practical, interactive and focused on outcomes.

On the first day, participants take part in a discussion and exercise about video psychology. They learn the basics of storyboarding and how to write and lay out a video script (factual). They then take these scripts and create a production plan before learning to shoot video footage that looks professional.

On the second day, participants learn some production disciplines such as file management processes and handling media assets. They learn to make basic video graphics and then edit their video.  Throughout this process they learn about the production process and key efficiencies so they can make great video, do it fast and not waste money.

On the third day, participants will create a video following the complete production workflow.  This will give them the opportunity to consolidate everything they have learned and increase the standard of the video they produced on the first two days.  The third day is optional, however, we recommend it to drive extra value to the learning that takes place on Days 1 and 2.

Learning Objectives

  • Plan a learning objective for use in training video
  • Create a video storyboard defining shots for the video
  • Write a script for the training video following “Writing for the Eye” principles
  • Create a production plan for producing the video
  • Set up a camera for shooting
  • Shoot video footage using manual camera settings to ensure professional quality shots
  • Create a file management system
  • Edit shots together using entry-level video editing software package

Administrative Details

  • Duration: 3-days
  • Optimum Number of Participants: 12
  • Pre-work: pre-class survey.  Please note in 2018, participants will be required to complete a series of pre-class videos and reflection exercises.
  • Preparation: participants are asked to bring a project to work on.  If this is not possible, a project will be assigned on the day of the workshop.
  • Booking:  Available for corporate, government and educational clients to deliver onsite – please contact us for details.  Currently no public offerings.