This Seminar is For

  • Trainers,
  • Teachers,
  • Keynote speakers and
  • Coaches
  • Instructional Designers

Rapid Writing for eLearning is for learning professionals who want to write content for their clients and organizations that learners will read on a screen.  The screen could be a tablet, smart phone or desktop.

Seminar In Brief

Gain the skills to write text for the Web that people read rather than ignore.  And put into practice techniques that save you time when writing for the Web.

  • Learn why traditional writing techniques you learned at school ensure surfers will NOT read your text
  • Learn the emerging “grammar” of web writing that increases chances of being read
  • Learn the visual aspects of web writing that will boost your content’s readability on the Web
  • Learn professional writing skills to speed up your writing
  • Learn how to structure written content so it’s quick and easy to read on the Web

Seminar Description

Research shows that people read text on a screen very differently to text printed on a page.  So, if we follow the traditional writing conventions we were taught at school, most people will ignore what we have written.  In other words, the writing style you used in college essays that got you good marks will lose you readers on the Web.

To write text that people will read on the Web, you need to understand how surfers consume web text.  In this workshop, you’ll learn both the visual and linguistic aspects of screen text.  You’ll apply these techniques through exercises and class interaction.  And you’ll learn the rapid media techniques we teach that speed up your writing while ensuring it is easier to read.

Seminar Methodology

Participants learn through demonstrations, discussion and lots of practice.  This includes writing exercises as well as discussion and peer review.  Participants will also create content to view on the Web to see step by step why these techniques are so important in ensuring people read your web text.  (Please note, this is only available in locations where we have web access.)  This workshop is for people who understand how to write conventional text but are unfamiliar with how people read the web.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the key principles of how learners read text published on screens.
  • Identify the visual principles of effective screen text.
  • Identify the linguistic principles of effective screen text.
  • Create a narrative structure using the inverted pyramid structure of writing.
  • Construct sentences that are easy to read on different screens.
  • Create supporting text for web content such as captions, headings and alt tags

Administrative Details

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Optimum Number of Participants: 12
  • Pre-Work: Online survey
  • Projects: Participants are encouraged to bring an article they are currently working on to use during the class for one of the re-writing exercises.  The article needs to have been written for conventional print.
  • Booking:  Available for corporate, government and educational clients to deliver onsite – please contact us for details.  Currently no public offerings.