Can’t attend one of our workshops or boot camps?  Take one of my crash courses for trainers, speakers, coaches and teachers.  Learn media production and editorial techniques to brining your elearning and media content alive.

  • Learn media techniques fast
  • Take the online course at the time that best suits your schedule
  • Access the online course from your desktop, phone or tablet

Crash Course in The Rapid Media Technique

FREE- Approx 50 minutes in 10 Modules

Effective production workflows ensure you can consistently produce engaging media for learners, do it fast and use affordable entry-level equipment.

The Rapid Media Technique (RMT) is a workflow designed for trainers to turn out top notch content, fast.  This free crash course expands on the workflow I cover in my book, Rapid Media Development for Trainers.

Better Video Faster

$18.95 – Approx 1 hour.

Do you find yourself struggling to consistently make good video? Finding it tough to turn the production around fast?

In this video tutorial, we look at how to make better video and do it faster without compromising the quality.

CLICK HERE and learn secrets to effective and fast video production now!


This website is basically a “one-man operation”.  So I don’t get these crash courses out as fast as I would like.  After all, I travel the country running master trainer classes, media master classes and communication workshops for leaders.

I’m planning to release the following crash courses this year.  If you’re signed up for the weekly Media Pulse, I’ll let you know when they’re available.

  • Crash Course in Writing Video Scripts for Training Videos – the principles of video writing and techniques to write so your message is quick and easy to understand.
  • Crash Course in Shooting Awesome Video with Your Consumer Video Camera – we’ll run through the different levels of cameras and what to look for when shelling out on an affordably camera so you get the best bang for your buck.
  • Crash Course in How to Look Good on Camera – tips and tricks for looking good on camera. We’ll explore things like posture, dress, backdrop and camera position.
  • Crash Course in Vocal Techniques to Sound Like a Professional – we’ll explore how to sound great whether you’re recording a podcast or presenting on video.